Let us scout on your behalf to find and onboard the best talent to leverage your organizations to greater heights!

Job Seekers

Let us scout on your behalf to identify the best next career move to leverage your career goals.

We scout for the best! Both on behalf of Employers and Job Seekers!

Skill Scouts is a part of Tejovathi Consulting LLP and we scout on your behalf of employers to onboard the best talent to leverage their organization to greater heights and scout on behalf of the job seeker to identify the next best career move to leverage their career goals.

why Skill Scouts?

Resume Relevance Index

We have developed a proprietary Resume Relevance Index based on 10 parameters like Relevant Experience, Relevant Certifications, Employer Recognition, Average Tenure, Career Gaps, location, joining time etc. to arrive at a Relevance Score. Only profiles that meet the stringent scoring requirements are shared with you for interviews.

Reduced Time to Hire!

We promise to share between 8 and 10 profiles for each job role. Before an interview is scheduled with you, a full fledged HR interview is conducted with the candidate from our side. We have developed a proprietary Candidate Interview Score which rates the candidates performance in our interviews. We share copious feedback about the candidate with you to save your time.

Domain Knowledge

Our team consists of internationally experienced HR professionals who have worked with different industry verticals, so we understand your requirements more holistically. In the rare case that our experts do not have the required domain knowledge, we work with your team to understand the job role and how it fits into the organizational goals so we are able to chose the most relevant profiles.

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